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18th Century

19th Century

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Indian Wars

Saddle Repair

Shoe Repair



.45 cal. WWII Left Hand, Holester

1777 British Cartridge Pouch White buff shoulder strap

1808 Cartridge Box Shoulder Strap

1808 Infantry Cartridge Box

1808 Lherbette Pattern Knapsack

1810 Militia Sword Belt

1812 Bayonet Adjustable Shoulder Strap

1812 Officers Boots

1812 Officers 'Fantail' Cockade

1812 Tooled Neck Stock

1812 Triangular Bayonet Scabbard

1830 Bell Crown Leather Shako

1830 British Bell Crown Shako

1834 Rifleman's Pouch

1836 Cap Pouch

1840 Mans Pocket Book

1840 NCO Sword Scabbard

1840 Pattern NCO Sword Shoulder Strap

1841 Infantry Cartridge Box

1850 Rifleman's Belt

1855 Infantry Cartridge Box

1859 Pattern Carbine Sling

1860 Chausser Uniform (Belgum)

1860 Mule Foot Cap Box

1860's White Canvas Gators

1861 (Ready) Expense Pouch

1864 Infantry Cartridge Box

1872 Colt revolver holster

1872 US CAV> Saddle Bags

1874 Dryre Bullet Pouch

1878 45-70 Rifle Sling

45 cal. WWII Shoulder Holster

Alabama-CS Cartridge Box

Artillery Horse Watering Bucket

Ball Pouch with Carved Wood Spout and Plug

Bess Musket 2 Piece Sling

Binocular Leather Case

Blakslee Speed Loader

Brass Sword Belt Swivels

British 1776 40 Round Cartridige Box

British 1882 Artillery Uniform

Carbine Cartridge Box

Carbine Saddle Boot

Carbine Saddle Thimble

Cavalry Officers Dress Sword Belt w/ Gold Lace

Cleaning & Oiling of Western Saddles

Colonial Hand Made Shoe

Confederate Tarred Canvas

CS Belts

CS Black Waist Belt

CS Cap Box

CS Le Matt Holster

CS Wooden Canteen

Custom Baldrick

Custom Knife Sheaths

CW Knapsack

Document Case

Enfield Box Strap

Enfield Cap Pouch

Enfield Cap Pouch w/ Gusset

Enfield Infantry Cartridge Box

Fire Buckets

Flag Staff Carrier

Frizen Leather Cover

General Officers Sword belt w/ Lace

Hand Made CW Brogans {Jefferson Bootie)

HMS Victory Bucket


Hunting Bag


Leather Box Shoulder Strap

Leather Cavalry Helmet

Leather Covered Document Case

Leather Cowboy Shirt Cuffs

Leather Dice Cup

Leather Dog Leash

Leather Tooled Neck Stock

Log Carrier

Mens Braces, Western

Military Saddle Rebuild

Motor Cycle Leather

NCO US Waist Belt

Officers Leather Haversack

Officers Leather Haversack

Officers Undress Sword Belt


Pre 18th Century Leather Water Bottle

Remington Holster

Replacing Stirrup Straps and Buckles

Revolver Cartridge Box

Rifle Saddle Scabbard

Rifle Slings

Roger & Spencer Holster

Saber Sword Knot

Saddle Refleecing

Scottish Decorative Shield (Targ)

Scottish Targ (Sheild)

Shoe Repair Resole

Short Wave Radio Case

Shot Gun Holster

Shot Snake

Springfield Bayonet Scabbard with frog

Surgeons, Officers Belt

Swivel For Carbine Sling

Sword Belt Shoulder Strap

Trophy Belt

US Cap Box

US Cap Box

US Inf. Waist Belt

USN 1860 44cal. Holster

USN 1860 Cartridge Box

USN Fuse Box

USN Waist Belt

Western Chaps

Western Holster and Bullet loop Belt

Leather Fife Case w/ Buff Shoulder Strap

1777 British Light Inf. Cartridge Pouch

1812 MarineLeather Fatigue Hat


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